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  • Disappearance of maternal mitochondria in Cucumis sativus L.(NSFC, 31071801);
  • Screening the molecular markers of parthenocarpic cucumber and resistance to cold(973, 2009CB119001);
  • Exploitation of elite genes from the wild species in Cucumis plants based on the introgression(NSFC, 30830079);
  • Fine mapping of QTL conferring carotenoid content and cloning of the related controlling genes in cucumber(NSFC, 30972007);
  • Exploitation of downy mildew resistance based on Ty1-copia retrotransposon and wild species introgression in Cucumis(Doctoral Fund, 20090097110024);
  • International cooperation: Establish long-term cooperation with Limagrain, Syngenta, Nunhems, PPI(Pickle Packer International) 
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