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Past Support
  • Pyramiding breeding by marker of high-quality and multi-resistant in Southern humid region(863, 2008AA10Z150);
  • Molecular breeding and innovation of good quality and multi-resistant vegetable and fruit(863, 2006AA10Z1A8);
  • The pyramiding of the resistance genes and agronomic genes(863, 2006AA100108);
  • The cellular and molecular research about the synthesis of new species Cucumis(NSFC, 30170644);
  • The mechanisms of the genome variation on early genomic changes of a synthetic allotetraploid in Cucumis(NSFC, 30470120);
  • The change of the foreign DNA  induced cucumber introgression lines genome structure and gene expression(NSFC, 30671419);
  • Construction of cucumber chromosome single segment subsititution lines and QTL Mapping(NSFC, 30700541);
  • Study on the difference of genotype and gene expression of the synthetic allotetraploid in Cucumis(Doctoral Fund, 20070307034)
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